Instagram to add video calling option


It appears that Instagram is getting in on the video calls market, a new leak has suggested.

The feature will work in a similar manner to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and signifies a huge change in direction for the picture-sharing focused app.

Up until now, Instagram has revolved around a main central feed of images posted by users with a facility to send a few messages but it now appears that they are planning on offering a full-blown communication service

A symbol for the service was spotted by WABetaInfo, who say that the feature is certainly a work in progress and has not been released by the company yet.

In order to hold a call, you must have already had an active chat with a user and that chat must be open. If you haven’t exchanged messages in the past, the feature won’t be available for security and protection reason reasons.

At this stage, all we know is that a video call button will be available in the navigation bar within the chat.

In December Facebook, who own Instagram, admitted that social media can be bad for you if it isn’t used wisely.

“According to the research, it really comes down to how you use the technology,” the company wrote.

“For example, on social media, you can passively scroll through posts, much like watching TV, or actively interact with friends — messaging and commenting on each other’s posts. 

“Just like in person, interacting with people you care about can be beneficial, while simply watching others from the side lines may make you feel worse.”

Instagram works hard to develop new features and not all of them come to fruition so there is a chance that video calling may never exist. If you want access to new and experimental features, you can sign up for the Instagram beta app.


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