Instagram on Android racks up 500 million downloads


If you have ever used Instagram, you’ll know just how great an app it is for anyone that loves taking pictures on their smartphone and sharing them on social media. The app is so popular, that it has now passed the 500 million installs milestone on Google Play, an achievement that only a few apps in the store can claim. Most of those apps are created by Google, but Instagram is now the third from parent company Facebook to have been so wildly popular.

Instagram catching up with Facebook

Facebook’s own Messenger app passed this bar in August of 2015. By September last year however, the main Facebook app had managed to rack up more than double that amount.

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Instagram 500 Million Downloads

Besides Google and Facebook, only two other companies have made it into this rather exclusive club, with one of them doing so on a technicality. Microsoft is in thanks to popular Internet voice calling app Skype. The other one is Samsung, whose Push Service has managed that many installs even though most users don’t even know that it exists, never mind actively searching for it on the Play Store.

Facebook’s presence has not discourage many users from using Instagram in recent years, since it was acquired by the social media giant. It remains to be seen if the growth of the service slows down any time soon, but for now at least it seems to be going from strength to strength.

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