Instagram Launches @Music Community


Instagram announced the launch of its first official community today, aptly named @music. As its name suggests, @music will be dedicated to musicians and music. This is the first time Instagram has created a dedicated account to a subject. The Facebook-owned social network announced the community’s launch early Wednesday morning in a blog post.

Instagram came up with the idea for @music after analyzing its users’ activity. Nearly one quarter of the network’s most popular accounts belong to musicians. Instagram hopes to further spark the interest of its users with this new community.

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, said in a statement that the music community has always been an important part of Instagram. He went on to state that the network allows musicians to connect with their fans directly.

The @music community will cover a wide range of music-related topics, including up-and-coming artists, lyrics, studio sessions, instruments, album cover art, concerts and more. For now, the community will publish six posts per week, and each post will be designated by a very specific hashtag.

The decision to launch this new community is an interesting move for Instagram. If the company sees success with @music, it may just pave the way for future communities dedicated to other subjects, such as art and fashion.


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