Instagram now lets you mute annoying friends


Instagram is adding a new feature that will let you mute annoying friends without unfollowing and offending them.

The new mute button will roll out as a test to some Instagram users in the coming weeks before being rolled out globally.

It’s a feature that has been on the wishlist for users for years.

Instagram said the feature will help users in “managing complex social dynamics” and is seen as a less aggressive option than unfollowing someone.

The feature could be used to mute a friend who posts endlessly or even mute an ex after a break up. Either way, the person being muted will have no idea about your wish to banish them from your feed.

The feature is being added as part of a continued effort by Instagram to show users more of the content they actually want to see.

To mute an account, just tap on “…” next to the name of the profile you wish to mute and select “Mute Posts”.

You will still be able to see posts on the profile page of the muted account and receive notifications if they comment or tag you in a post, you just won’t see their posts appear in your feed. You can also unmute accounts.

Earlier this year, Facebook launched a similar feature that prevents users from seeing friend’s posts appear in their News Feed.


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