Instagram to add 2 step authentication


Sadly it seems that our personal information is becoming more and more attractive to potential hackers and our profiles on social media sites appear to be some of the most vulnerable.

This is not surprising when you think about the number of times we access them each day – often from different locations and different devices. We can potentially leave ourselves as easy prey and until recently there appeared to be very little that we could do about it.

Twitter and Facebook have already put in place the “2 Step Authentication” process and now Instagram have announced that they will be introducing something similar in the very near future.

The photo-sharing service has confirmed that they are in the early stages of a role out after the feature had been spotted during a testing.

Although the company has chosen not to elaborate too much, respected reports believe that it will be on similar lines to that used by Facebook and Twitter.

The process that they use involves logging onto your account in the usual manner but an authentication code will be sent to your verified mobile number. This code must be then entered within a certain amount of time, for example 5 minutes, before you will be allowed access.

Of course this isn’t 100% fool proof but is a big step up from the security procedures that are currently in place. Instagram should be praised for these actions as they are looking into all the ways they can to improve security and just by adding another layer is a great step. After all, the service does hold some very private data that most people wouldn’t want to be out in the public domain.


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