Instagram Updates its Guidelines to Curb Nudity


Instagram has been fairly lax on the content that is shared, but users can still have content removed from the site. Now, the community guidelines have been further updated to ban the sharing of any nude images on the service. While the company did not elaborate, they did state “for a variety of reasons, nudity is not allowed on Instagram.”

Some picture types will be allowed, such as: post-mastectomy scarring and breastfeeding pictures.

Pictures or videos that contain sexual intercourse, genitals or any up close pictures of a person’s buttocks will not be permitted. Even some digitally created content containing the above will not be permitted on the site.

One area that may have users in an uproar is the posting of their babies in the nude. Many new parents will post pictures of their children in the bathtub, but these photos may also be removed.

There are more updates presented that go beyond the nudity ban. The company will not allow anyone to post content that is deemed violent or depicts self-harm. Even pictures that are newsworthy but show graphic violence will not be allowed to stay on the site.

Harassing images or images meant to be a form of bullying towards another user, hate speech, criminal activity or sexual violence can also be reported and will be removed.


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