Instantly speed up your web browser and free up storage space with this simple tip


“Clear out your cache” is a response we often hear from those in the know when we are experiencing problems loading webpages, but how many of us know why we should do it?

Basically, your web browser holds information about the websites that you visit.

This helps pages load quicker if you are a frequent visitor but old files can bring up old webpages that can cause issues when you are trying to view them or login.

Clearing your cache, your cookies and your history eliminates this problem.

How you clear your cache varies from browser to browser.

In Google Chrome, the easiest way is to press Ctrl-Shift-Delete and the options for ‘Clear browsing data’ should be displayed.

You can select various options to free up more data but you should make sure you select ‘Cached images and files’.

In Safari, you can press: Command-Shift-Delete or click on the Safari menu, then Clear History and Website Data. 

Again, select the relevant information and ‘Clear History’. Close the window you are using and open a new open and everything should be fine.

For Firefox users, you would go to the History menu and select ‘Clear Recent History’. You need to again select what you wish to delete, with most people opting for ‘Everything’.

In the same manner as Safari, you need to close down the existing window and open a new one, then continue as normal.

The downside with clearing your cache is that you will automatically be logged out of any sites that you are signed into such as Facebook and Gmail plus, in most cases, you will lose the predictions that you receive in the address bar and anything you may have store in shopping baskets on different sites.

Clearing the cache also can’t be undone so keep this in mind before clearing that data.


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