iOS 10 is killing the battery life on some iPhones – here’s how to fix it


It seems like we have been waiting months for the iOS 10 but it has now finally arrived.

The new operating system described by Apple as it’s “biggest ever update” and includes features such as Apple Music, better Maps and easier to access notifications.

All sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, there have been a few drawbacks such as iOS10 ‘bricking’ users’ devices and the fact that it hugely affects battery life.

The ‘bricking’ issue was quickly addressed but it appears that the battery life is still a hot topic on social media.

One user moaned on Twitter: “I’m sure iOS 10 drains the battery faster”.

While another slammed the update saying: “Arghhh! After bricking my iPhone, iOS 10 is now killing my battery”.

If this is happening to you there are a few reasons why.

Firstly, you are probably using your device more, testing out the new features so the screen is on longer.

Secondly, the device needs to re-index data. When you install a new version of any operating system, all your apps, contacts, photos and videos need data to be replaced or updated, which is done in the background without you even realising it, but which also temporarily impacts on battery performance.

While the apps and data continues to be updated, your iPhone battery life is likely to suffer and it can be 48 hours or so until battery performance returns to normal.

To sum up, don’t worry; your iPhone or iPad should be back to normal very shortly!


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