iOS 10 tips and tricks: 8 useful things you can do on your iPhone


The new iOS 10 is loaded with new features and improvements on existing features – some are obvious and some less so, here are 8 of the features that you may not have come across yet.

It should be noted that to experience all of these iOS 10 tips, you may need an iPhone 6S or 7 that includes a Force Touch display.

1. Find where you left your car

Apple Maps

We all lose things occasionally and how often have you forgotten where you have parked your car, especially if you’ve left it in the parking lot of a large shopping mall.

With Apple Maps you can mark your location so you can mark where you left car or the location of the excellent restaurant you have just visited.

Simply open Maps and Force Touch and a blue dot then shows your current location. All you have to do is press the button My Location and select Mark My Location – job done!

2. Set a quick timer

Just go to your Control Centre on the Home Screen and Force Touch on the Timer icon. You will then be offer a selection of different timers.

3. Remove Apple apps that you never use

iOS 10 apps

We all have pre-installed Apple apps that we never use. In the past removing them has been impossible but not anymore! You can now delete them just as you would any other app.

4. Turn text into emojis

text to emoji

If you want to add an Emoji to your text simply type your message and when you are done press the emoji button. The words that can be turned into an emoji will turn orange.

Tap on the ones that you would prefer to be emojis and your message will now be filled with emojis.

5. Snap a photo

Images can be quickly captured by swiping left on the lock screen. It is also easier to find images that you have taken in the past using Memories.

Memories searches through your videos and photos to find the events or images you are looking for.

6. Send GIFs in iMessages


You can now send GIFs in iMessages. This brings the service more into line with other messaging services such as Messenger. All you need to do is press the A icon and look for the GIF section. From here search for the type of GIF you are looking for.

7. Get a better night’s sleep

Your device will learn when it is your bedtime and start closing down its apps leaving you to have a better night’s sleep and then gently wake you up in the morning with an alarm as well as starting up all the apps again.

8. Clear all notifications

To do this, pull down from the top of the home screen to get your Notifications panel. Using Force Touch select the notifications that you don’t and press X.


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