iOS 11.1: iPhone and iPad users urged to download new security update


iPhone and iPad users are being urged to download iOS 11.1, the latest update to its mobile operating system.

iOS 11.1 includes an important update that fixes the recently discovered KRACK security threat.

The vulnerability, which was discovered by a Belgian security researcher earlier this month, affects any device that can connect to Wi-Fi and was described as “unprecedented”.

KRACK affects the WPA 2 security protocol, which is the standard Wi-Fi security used on almost all routers and Wi-Fi devices.

If a hacker was in range they could theoretically use the KRACK exploit to access the private data, passwords and credit card details of the user, without their knowledge.

In a post on its website, Apple confirmed the inclusion of the patch to fix KRACK in iOS 11.1.

The KRACK exploit was discovered in October by Mathy Vanhoef from KU Leuven university in Belgium.

Vanhoef said that KRACK could be used against “all modern protected Wi-Fi networks” and “if your device supports Wi-Fi, it is most likely affected”.

Away from security patches, iOS 11.1 also adds 70 new emojis including new characters, food types, a wider range of smiley faces, clothing and some new gender neutral characters.

The update also sees Apple bring back the popular 3D Touch App Switcher gesture which allows users bring up the multitasking App Switcher by performing a 3D Touch gesture on the left hand side of the screen.


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