iOS 11.2.1: Apple rolls out critical security update for iPhone, iPad – here’s how to install it


Apple has just rolled out iOS 11.2.1, which includes an important security update for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Earlier this month Apple was forced to hurriedly roll out iOS 11.2 to fix the latest round of glitches and bugs that have plagued iOS 11.

But by rushing out the new update, it just exposed more problems and led to a security glitch that potentially left users vulnerable to hacking in their homes.

According to security researchers, iOS 11.2 contains a security flaw that allows hackers to take control of the HomeKit app, which is used to operate smart gadgets in the home, including doors and security systems.

While the official release notes don’t reveal much, iPhone 6S users will be hoping the new update also fixes the battery drain issues many experienced after downloading iOS 11.2.

Within hours of installing the new update, the Apple Support Twitter account was inundated with complaints about the atrocious battery life.

Compared to previous iOS updates, iOS 11 seems to have been the most problematic, with the patience of even the most ardent of Apple fans being tested by what appears to be a never ending onslaught of software problems.

You can download iOS 11.2.1 by going to Settings > General > Software update

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