iOS 11.4: Latest update brings new features and fixes bug that crashes any iPhone


Apple has released iOS 11.4, the latest update to its mobile operating system, that brings with it some new features and important bug fixes.

The highlight of the new update is the launch of Air Play 2, Apple’s next generation audio technology that allows users to stream music into different rooms around the house and pair up to their HomePod speakers for stereo sound.

AirPlay 2

Apple’s HomePods are currently available in the US, UK and Australia will be launched in Canada, France and Germany on June 18, before they are made available globally “later this year”, Apple has said.

AirPlay 2 will now let your tell Siri which room you want music played in and to be able to do that, Apple has created a host of new technology that some users may not be aware of.

The technology works by downloading the song before it is played, so that it eliminates any buffering whenever the internet slows down or cuts out completely.

However, because the technology is so new, most speakers are unable to support it just now,

The good news is that most major manufacturers, such as Sonos, are planning to release either software updates or new products that will support AirPlay 2 in the near feature.

Messages in iCloud

Another useful feature in iOS 11.4 is Messages in iCloud, which lets you sync your iMessages across all your Apple devices.

It can also help you free up space on your internal storage by letting you delete messages from one device but still retaining a copy in iCloud.

Black Dot bug fix

Finally, iOS 11.4 fixes a major bug which could crash any iPhone.

The so called ‘Black Dot’ bug hit the headlines earlier this month and was spread by users sending messages that contained a string of thousands of Unicode characters that iOS was unable to process.

When the message was opened the CPU of your iPhone is flooded with requests to try and read the characters and is overloaded, causing the iMessage app to crash repeatedly.

To download iOS 11.4, go to Settings > General > Software Update

iOS 11.4 has been released almost one week before Apple is due to hold its WWDC developer conference, which it is expected to show off iOS 12 and could even unveil an updated version of the iPhone SE.


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