iOS 9.3 updates continue to cause problems for Apple users


Last week, Apple was forced to temporarily suspend the the rollout of iOS 9.3 to older versions iPhones, iPads and iPods had become unusable after download the update.

Apple later identified the problem, issued a fix and began updating devices as planned.

However, in what seem to be yet further issues affecting Apple’s latest iOS release, users have reported stability issues when trying to open links in Safari, Messages and Mail, as well as on some third party apps, in particular on Google Chrome.

It is not year clear what is causing the new set of issues which were first reported by users on the Apple forums on Saturday.

It seems that rather than older devices being impacted, it is now newer hardware such as the iPhone 6 and 6S, as well as the most current generation of iPads.

A permanent fix is yet to be found although users are posting about mixed success with a couple of different workarounds.

Some users have reported that they are able to bypass the bug by disabling JavaScript, which can be done by going to Settings>> Safari >> Advanced, while other users have said that performing a long press on the links bypasses the issues some have experienced when using Google Chrome.

A post on its support forum confirmed that Apple is aware of the problem and is working on a fix but there has been no further comment from the Cupertino based company.

This new link crash bug comes just a week after Apple pulled updates to older devices after users complained they were unable to complete the activation process after updating to iOS 9.3.


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