iOS App of the Week: Jamie Oliver’s Recipes


Our app of the week is ‘Jamie Oliver’s Recipes’. English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is well known for his straightforward, down to earth cooking stlyle and excellent home-cooked dishes. Jamie Oliver has composed over 20 cookbooks which cover a wide variety of culinary subjects, including family cooking, comfort food, barbecues, cakes and festive food. Now some of Jamie’s wonderful recipes are available in the form of a smartphone app.


Jamie’s Recipes now offer a variety of his brilliant dishes taken from his best selling cooking books, including American Diner Classics,10-Minute Meals, Best of British, Asian Delights and Get Kids Cooking.

Each of the recipes that are available on the app come with the ingredients that are needed and equipment list with a step-by-step preparation.

For amateur chefs, each of the steps are accompanied by a photo which helps explain how each of the methods are carried out. Video tutorials are also available if the photos do not give a good enough explanation.

One intriguing section of the app is the ‘Tips and Tricks’ which have several useful kitchen delicacies are on offer. One of these tips are how to cook with herbs or how to create a magnificent fried egg ect. Each of these tips and tricks also come with a video tutorial.


This free application allows access to a few recipes that appeal to everyone, from each food category. The full version is also available in the app store (which costs around 90 THB), that unlocks loads more recipes and video tutorials.

A popular TV chef from the UK, Jamie Oliver rose to prominence with his TV show, The Naked Chef. He then embarked on a series of campaigns geared towards healthy eating and successfully brought about a change  that resulted in the education authorities serving healthier food to school children in the UK and parts of the United States.

Download the new ‘Jame Oliver’s Recipes’ app here.


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