iOS App of The Week: Wakie


Ok, yes, it might be a little creepy having a total stranger waking you up in the morning by a phone call. However, this app has received 5 stars on the app store from reviewers and ‘Wakie’ is the most popular search keyword on the AppStore today so I’m guessing it must be good.

Wakie, which took 9 months to be approved, is the ‘social alarm clock’ that allows you to be woken up by stranger, you can wake them up too. The app has been designed to replace your alarm clock on your phone, with a call from a real life person. Specifically, by another member of the Wakie community.

For those sleepyheads who want to be woken up, Wakie works in similar ways to any other alarm clocks. All you have to do is simply set the time and day that you want to be woken up or the alarm to go off. Yet, when it’s time to be woken up, the app will randomly connect you to a call from another user. You will then get around one minute to talk to them and be woken up. If a “Wakie” is not available, then the app will play you an automated message instead. There are no awkward goodbyes, no long conversations. The calls are quick and casual.


Customer reviews have given the app 5 stars. One of the customers have said; ‘In the years I have been finding effective ways to wake me up in the morning. I have tried all kinds of clocks and alarms and ringtones but none of them work perfect for a long period of time. Until today I saw this new wake alarm idea. And I cannot wait to try this because how cool it is to have someone wake you up with personal messages! Just awesome”.

Media coverage has also had a good response, Mashable: “Wakie is designed to make waking up easier, or at least more interesting” The Guardian: “Wakie is quite fun. Sounds creepy, but the community seems friendly”.

Download it here on the App Store for free.


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