iPad X: Apple tipped to launch new iPad with facial recognition and no home button


iPad users could soon be using facial recognition to unlock their devices if the industry rumours are found to be true.

Face ID, has been used on the iPhone X and has been a major selling point and it now seems like that the technology will be coming to the 2018 iPad.

If it proves to be true, it will also mean that the physical home button will be dropped.

It was reported by Bloomberg that Apple is working on a ‘redesigned, high-end iPad’ that could be ready ‘for as early as 2018.’

It will be the first time that there has been any significant changes to the iPad since the introduction of the iPad Pro in 2015.

It is understood that the new version will come with the same 10.5 inch display as previous Pro models, however, it is not expected to include an OLED display.

The reaction to the Face ID has been mixed so far on Twitter.

Twitter user Scott C Lemon‏ said: ‘I still can’t believe people think Face ID is a good idea?’

Jonny Evans from Computer World wrote: ‘Incidentally, what problem does Face ID on an iPad actually solve? On a phone, I get it. I would like to see it on a Mac. Instant on. And gesture control. Come ON!’ 

Face ID can be used to unlock your device or the authorise purchases from iTunes, App Store and Apple Pay, amongst others.

Apple claim that their version of facial recognition is secure as it uses the TrueDepth camera which is capable of transforming the image into a mathematical representation which it then compares with data it already has captured of your face.

If Face ID is working correctly, it should be able to recognise you with different hairstyles, when you are wearing hat and maybe glasses but can’t be deceived by a photo or even a mask.


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