Next-gen iPhone 6s display shown off in leaked images


It seems that every day there’s a new set of leaks for the latest smartphone, whether it’s from Samsung, Sony, Motorola or Apple. Since the next iPhone (largely expected to be called the iPhone 6s) is a little over 5 weeks away from being revealed by the biggest company in the world, the rumours and leaks are now coming thick and fast.

The latest set of iPhone 6s related photos appeared online over the weekend and showed a fully-assembled iPhone 6s display, which possibly also offers a sneak peak at Apple’s much-rumoured Force Touch implementation.

Apple iPhone 6s display pics leaked

The photos were posted on the Weibo (a Chinese social media site) by Chinese repair company GeekBar, and are said to show the front and back of a display unit intended for Apple’s iPhone 6s. Previously, pictures had already leaked but showed an iPhone 6s front panel without the LCD components.

Compared to the current iPhone 6, the part in today’s images looks to use the same rounded glass edges and the same general shape, with no change to the ear speaker or camera positions. On the rear of the device, the LCD module and internals are obscured by the protective metal shielding, but there are a few differences worthy of note.

The first change is an off-centred rectangular cutout at the top of the screen – an unknown component can be seen beneath it, but its purpose is unknown. Based on its position in relation to the iPhone’s logic board and battery seems to indicate it could be for grounding.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6s shielding is riveted on each side, a big departure from today’s iPhone display backings which are attached by screws and clips. It’s thought that the black dots could be related to the claimed inclusion of Force Touch (a technology that detects how hard a user presses on the screen, just like the Apple Watch).

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6s (it may be called the iPhone 7 this time around to avoid the slightly unwieldy sounding iPhone 6s Plus nomenclature). It’s also suspected that Apple just might update the Apple TV and debut the new set top box at the same event.

Apple is widely expected to release its next-generation iPhone models at a special event this fall. A report last week claimed Apple’s hotly anticipated Apple TV revamp would debut at the same event.

SOURCE: AppleInsider.


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