iPhone 6s rumoured to gain “Force Touch” pressure sensitivity


The iPhone 6 has only been available for five months, but there are already rumours circulating about the next version, that will be available in September this year. And the rumours say that the 2015 family of iPhones are expected to adopt the new “Force Touch” input method found on the Apple Watch.

iPhone 6s to gain Force Touch capability

It is widely expected that the next version of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will follow the now traditional naming convention, with the 4.7″ model called the iPhone 6s and the larger 5.5″ model the iPhone 6s Plus. Internally, they are known as “N71” and “N66” internally at Apple – they are both expected to keep the same size design and case introduced in September with the iPhone 6 lineup.

Those people who want Apple to return to a smaller 4-inch form factor are likely to be disappointed, according to fan and rumour site Apple Insider.

However, the new models are said to gain the Force Touch feature, which was first demonstrated on the Apple Watch when it was announced in September of last year. On the Apple Watch for instance, different pressures can be used to perform different functions – but it’s not yet known how it would be used on the iPhone.

Apple Watch Force Touch

The Apple Watch can tell the difference between a tap and a press.

In the past, Apple called Force Touch the “most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch”, leading many to suspect that the technology will be expanded to other products in future. That would also mean Apple would need to switch to a somewhat flexible display material – the electrodes on the Apple Watch OLED detect how much deformation has been caused by the user press, which is not possible with the more rigid displays found in most smartphones (including the iPhone).

Apparently, one insider has even claimed that Apple considered putting Force Touch in the iPhone 6 last year, but that there were issues with calibration which led it being pulled from the device. However, with the forthcoming Apple Watch being released, presumably any such issues have already been resolved.

It remains to be seen whether Force Touch will actually make it to the iPhone 6s, but it would make a welcome added capability that could be used to great effect on future iPhones – for all manner of novel and innovative ways of interacting with apps, games and notifications.

SOURCE: Apple Insider


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