iPhone 6S may have full HD front camera and flash for better selfies


Anyone that loves selfies may have a great reason to purchase Apple’s next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 6S, which will be released in September as tradition dictates. The reason is that special configuration files discovered by developers in the first pre-release version of iOS 9 hint at new capabilities for the front camera, including 1080p (i.e. full HD) recording and a built-in flash.

iPhone 6S to get better front camera

In the iOS 9 ‘manifest file’ which was discovered by a developer, it lists the ways that apps can determine the hardware capabilities of the device they are running on. This file references a number of entries that mention front-facing camera features that do not currently exist.

Besides 1080p recording and a front flash, the manifest file also refers to 60 frames per second video recording, front slo motion recording, and front panoramic photos – things that are not available on today’s iPhone 6 (or other models).

The iPhone 6 for example can capture front-facing video at 720p resolution at 30 frames per second, and lacks the capability for panoramic photos and slo-mo video.

The findings suggest that Apple may indeed be planning to upgrade the front camera, which is currently marketed as “FaceTime HD”, in its next iPhone, the iPhone 6S. Until now, most of the online rumours and speculation have focused mainly on new capabilities for the rear “iSight” camera.

Some people have also claimed that Apple will move to a dual-camera setup on the rear of the iPhone 6S, perhaps with a new 12-megapixel sensor from Sony. Other reports suggest that sensors will include Sony’s RGBW technology, which adds an extra white sub-pixel to improve low-light sensitivity.

SOURCE: Apple Insider.


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