UPDATE: iPhone 7 to launch on September 7th: Here’s all you need to know about the latest rumours


Apple will launch the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus on September 7th after sending out press invites to annual media event to be held in San Francisco. 

The event kicks off at 1am on Thursday morning Thailand time and will be streamed live on the Apple website.

The news comes as yet more leaked images seem to confirm the latest rumour that the iPhone 7 will include a pressure sensitive home button, a whopping 256GB storage option and could even be shipped with new wireless “EarPods”.

Of course the interweb rumour mill has been in overdrive ahead of the announcement of the iPhone 7.

Everyday new leaks and images hit the news supposedly reporting on another new feature of the Apple’s upcoming handset – it can sometimes be hard to keep up!

With this in mind, ThaiTech has gathered up all the latest rumours and news surrounding the iPhone 7 ahead of its launch later this week.


iPhone 7 Plus blue mockup

Don’t expect anything radical here.

The iPhone 7 is expected to look pretty much the same as the iPhone 6S – minus the antenna bands on the back.

Critics have said that the fact the iPhone 7 will look similar to the iPhone 6S means Apple is finished, but you just watch the Cupertino company shift tens of millions of its latest handset in the months after its launch.

The iPhone 7, which will be available in 4.7 and 5.5 inch versions, (although there have been rumours of an even bigger version) is expected to be only an iterative update prior to Apple completely overhauling its iPhone line up in 2017.

With that being said, Apple is rumoured to offer new blue colour option on the iPhone 7.


While it is widely expected to be called the iPhone 7, there have been rumours that the new iPhone will actually be called the iPhone 6SE.

The rumour was first reported on a German tech site who claimed to have spoken to source involved in Apple’s supply chain in China that had seen packaging which included the name iPhone 6SE.

Dual cameras

iPhone 7 Dual camera render

iPhone 7 Dual camera render from feldvolk.com via 9to5 Mac

One of the first rumours surrounding the iPhone 7 is that it will come with a dual camera, similar to that found on the Huawei P9, which will be able to produce sharper images and perform better in low light.

More recent rumours claim the dual camera will only be available on the iPhone 7 Plus, with the iPhone 7 set to include a single lens camera but which is significant upgrade to the one found on the iPhone 6S.

One thing seems certain is that dual cameras will feature on at least one, and maybe even both versions of the iPhone 7.

Headphone jack and new “AirPods” or “EarPods”

iPhone 7 lightning adaptor

Perhaps the most controversial of all rumours is that Apple will apparently remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7.

So how will you listen to music?

Apple will include headphones that will now attach to a new smart connector that will then attach to the phone.

This will mean that you will still be able to use your existing headphones to listen to music on the iPhone 7 but in order to do so will now need to use this extra adapter.

It could also mean that Apple may offer up wireless headphones that connect via Bluetooth.

This may also mean that Apple will also include wireless charging, similar to that found on the Apple Watch.

What is likely is that you will have to pay extra for the smart connect or adapter.

Last week details emerged of some wireless headphones that Apple have already developed called AirPods, while other reports claimed that the iPhone 7 will ship with wireless EarPods, with the regular in ear headphones being discontinued.


Home button

iPhone 7

Leaked images show no home button in the iPhone 7

Some of the most recent rumours that have really started to gain momentum this week is that both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will include a new pressure sensitive home button that will sit flush on the front of the device.

Rather than being a physical button, it will instead use sophisticated haptic feedback that makes it feel like it clicks whenever you tap it.

The same technology is used in the trackpads on Apple’s MacBooks.

The new home button will apparently also offer up different on screen options or functions depending on how hard it is pressed.


The iPhone 7 will arrive with iOS 10 and an improved processor so there will be even better performance and battery efficiency.

The iPhone 7 is widely expected to include the A10 chipset but there are yet to be any rumours on what kind of battery the handset will include.

Reports coming out of Korea suggest that Apple has been in discussions with Samsung about supplying OLED screens for the iPhone 7, which would be a major shift from the LED screens used currently.

The inclusion of OLED screens would make for a more vibrant display which would be better for gaming or watching video but which could impact on battery performance.

Regarding storage, Apple is widely expected to drop the 16GB option on the iPhone 7 in favour of 32GB and could even add a whopping 256GB option to the line up.

That is double the storage available on the entry level MacBook Air and would potentially make the iPhone 7 one of the smartphones with the highest internal storage capacity, alongside the ASUS Zenfone 3 Deluxe.


iPhone 7

iPhone 7 waterproof concept by Herman Haidin

The pain of your iPhone being damaged by water could soon be over, with some rumours suggesting the iPhone will be completely waterproof.

According to a report in Chinese media, Apple has been developing a new “compound material” that is capable of repelling water, and which is expected to be used in the iPhone 7.

The new material will also remove the need for Apple to include the two antenna bands across the back of the handset, which currently feature on the iPhone 6S.

This may suggest that the body of the new iPhone will actually be all metal, but could be made from some other material that allows radio waves to transmit through it.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple is widely expected to unveil the Apple Watch 2.0 at the same time as the iPhone 7 at the event on September 7th.

The current first generation of the Apple Watch is now two years old and overdue a refresh.

The new version is said to look similar to the first generation but will have much improved specs, be faster and will include a GPS radio and better barometer.

Apple is expected to go big on the health and fitness features available on the Apple Watch when it releases the new version.


Regardless of the rumours, one thing for certain is that the iPhone 7 is unlikely to be easier on your bank balance than any of its predecessors.

Especially with Apple set to introduce new bigger storage options, expect prices to start at around 30,000 baht.


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