iPhone 7 Plus absolutely trounces the Google Pixel XL in speed test comparison


As the battle between Android and iOS rages on, there is one very clear winner in the latest speed test comparison of two of the newest flagship smartphones.

A new test which pits the performance of the iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL has found a notable difference between the two devices.

The test, which was carried out by BGR using some standard benchmarking tools found that the iPhone 7 Plus absolutely battered the Pixel XL when it came to several key performance benchmarks.

Using Google’s renowned Octane test, the iPhone 7 Plus was found to be three times FASTER than the Pixel XL, with a score of 26,582 compared to just 9,428 for the Pixel XL.

Google’s Octane test creates a score based on the JavaScript performance of each device and analyses how the software copes when performing tasks such as opening apps and surfing the web.

Another test carried out by tech site Phone Buff also put the iPhone 7 Plus way ahead of the Google Pixel XL when it came to performance.

Phone Buff’s test compared the two devices when performing everyday tasks such as opening and closing apps and switching from one app to another.

The test found that the iPhone 7 Plus performed much better than its Google rival.

The iPhone 7 Plus is currently on sale in Thailand with prices starting at 31,500 baht for the 32GB version up to 39,500 baht for 256GB.

Google is yet to officially announce if the device will be available in Thailand but has said it will launch in more countries next year.


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