iPhone 7 teardown reveals secrets behind Apple’s latest smartphone


Tech experts have dismantled the new iPhone 7 to reveal the secrets behind the new features.

iPhone repair specialists iFixit have ripped apart the handset and have revealed many of the improvements added by Apple, such as its waterproofing and the real reason why the tech giant removed the headphone jack.

The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack was to make way for Apple’s Taptic Engine which provides the sensation of a click or vibrations that can be felt through your iPhone.

In its iPhone 7 teardown video, iFixit also found that many of the components inside the iPhone 7 have been upgraded in order to help make them more water resistant.

The adhesive used to seal the phone was also found to be “considerably stronger” than the seals found on previous iPhones, while extra use of black and white glue is also believed to have been used to help waterproof the device.

ifixit - iPhone 7

Image: iFixit

Unlike previous iPhones which opened from the top, the iPhone 7 opens from the side, iFixit found.

Experts also confirmed that the iPhone 7 Plus has an upgraded battery, which may support Apple’s claims that the new model offer up to one hour of additional battery life.

While pricing is yet to be confirmed for the device in Thailand, one thing that is for certain is that the device does not come cheap. In the UK, the basic model starts at £599, approx 28,000 baht, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus is available from £719, around 33,000 baht.


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