iPhone 7 WILL have a headphone jack and could include dual SIM


Where would we be without another iPhone 7 rumour?

If you listen to the latest reports it appears that Apple are now planning on keeping the 3.5mm headphone port, with previous speculation claiming that the device would only have a Lightning port.

The said previous reports had suggested that if Apple removed the headphone jack the device could be 1mm slimmer than the iPhone 6S.

However, there had been some question marks raised about this with users claiming that the move could prove expensive as headphone manufacturers would need to produce a product that would be compatible with the lightning port.

Lightning assembly port with headphone jack

Lightning assembly port with headphone jack

The latest leaked pictures from a store in Ganzhou in China seem to suggest that the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 will include a headphone jack as well as having a slot for a second SIM card.

The device will also have a dual-lens camera and an antenna that is compatible with Intel’s modem for the GSM models.

Dual sim port

Dual sim port

If the leaked pictures are to be believed, it would appear that as we have previously reported, the iPhone may come with a 256GB version.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be set for release in September 2016 and is predicted not to have a home button, that the rear camera will sit flush to the back of the phone and that it will have a larger battery than its predecessors.


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