iPhone 8 is set to miss out on this one key features, experts claim


There have been lots of rumours flying around about the iPhone 8, the biggest of which is expected to see Apple ditch the Home Button.

It was also expected the new flagship device will debut with long-range wireless charging thanks to a solution called WattUp from charging company Energous.

It is believed that WattUp can charge a device from up to four metres away which is no doubt getting users very excited.

However, it appears that long-range wireless charging may be a tad optimistic and research company Copperfield Research believe that the futuristic charging will not available in time for when the iPhone 8 is released.

Apple’s rivals Google, Samsung, HTC and Huawei all use inductive charging via Qi open interface standard but this only allows devices to be charged over distances of about four centimetres.

Apple have patented the idea for the long-range charging but this doesn’t mean that it will happen as Apple frequently patent ideas without them coming to fruition.

There are strong rumours that the only reason Apple has teamed up with WattUp technology is to keep the potential technology away from their competitors.

Although inductive is exciting it is nowhere near as exciting as the proposal offered by WattUp and Apple do seem a little late coming to the party in that regard.

It may be that we have to wait until later models before we see this type of technology although nevertheless, the iPhone 8 is still expected to be an exciting device.

Via: 9to5Mac


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