iPhone 8: New info claims Apple will make major changes to this important feature


The latest rumour doing the rounds concerning Apple’s iPhone 8 is that the Touch ID sensor will be on the rear of the device, just below the Apple logo.

This reverts back to some of the older rumours and contradicts reports that it would positioned under the display.

The latest image was posted on Slashleaks and shows a PowerPoint presentation dating back to March 3, Apple Insider reports.

There have also been several reports regarding the camera on the device, suggesting that the new phone will have facial recognition.

iPhone 8

These latest rumours MAY carry some weight as they are very similar to a ‘prototype’ image obtained by iDropNews “from a source with intimate knowledge of Apple’s manufacturing facility”.

A research note shared by Goldman Sachs believes that the new iPhone won’t be cheap, retailing at $1099 (THB38,000) for the 256GB version.

The same not also states that the smartphone will have an OLED screen and 3D sensors, something that has also be reported by various other sources.

The next generation iPhone was revealed on CNBC by Simona Jankowski.

“We think the higher demand for the larger (5.8″) form factor will be supported by the fact that the iPhone 8 will have compelling new features not available in the smaller form factors,” she wrote.

“The production level of development on various models are being done such as the models with IPS TFT, AMOLED, the model with or without home button, in addition to the models with a new glass, aluminium chassis, white ceramics etc.”

We will await with interest to find out what the device will actually look like.


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