iPhone 8 on track for October release and will ship with free accessories, reports claim


There have been numerous rumours flying around that the iPhone 8 is a long way behind schedule.

However, a new report has suggested that the device is ‘on track’ for the scheduled October release.

The previous delays are said to have been caused by manufacturing troubles of the new ‘substrate-like circuit boards’ but it is thought that these issues have now been rectified.

Further rumours have suggested that Apple are doing all they can to make the new iPhone 8 family, after all there reportedly three versions, something exceptional.

However, we are led to believe that the complete redesign has caused some issues as some of the cutting-edge technology needed refining.

A report by Mac Rumours revealed recently said “iPhone assemblers Foxconn Electronics, Winstron and Pegatron are accelerating the recruitment and training of new workers in China in preparation of mass production of the new iPhone.”

This news follows on from a JP Morgan analyst suggesting that there was a ‘high likelihood’ that the new device would be previewed at the World Developers Conference in June.

Although these reports suggest that the October release date is likely, it has certainly been a roller coaster last few months regarding rumours with some even suggesting that it may not even be released until 2018 – a disaster for the 10th anniversary of the device.

Yet another report has suggested that the Cupertino firm will not start mass production of the iPhone 8 until September which would obviously cause further delays. This was put down to issues with the fingerprint sensor and Apple finding it technically difficult to fit into the front of the device, leading some to speculate it will be moved to the rear of the iPhone 8.

All the we can all do is sit back and wait and no doubt by next month we will all have more idea about which rumours are correct.

Meanwhile, another report in 9to5 Mac claims the iPhone 8 will ship with a bundle of free accessories worth almost 7,000 baht.

The report, which cites information from analysts at JP Morgan, claims the iPhone 8 may come with a pair of Airpods, Apple’s wireless earphones that were launched last year and which currently retail for 6,900 baht.


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