iPhone 8 price to start at $1,200 and you’ll need to pay EXTRA for wireless charging


A new report claims the price of the with entry level iPhone 8 will start at $1,200.

The claims come from renowned blogger John Gruber, who is normally a well placed source on all things Apple and has frequently executives from the Cupertino firm on his podcast.

Explaining his reasoning he wrote:

“It sounds to me like the OLED iPhone is a phone which Apple can’t make 40 million of per quarter, at least not today. And if that’s true, that means it should be more expensive. Not should in any moral sense, but simply because that’s how the principle of supply and demand works. When supply is constrained and demand is high, prices go higher. The higher prices alleviate demand”.

Previous reports had floated a figure of around $1,000 for the iPhone 8, but if Gruber’s predictions are to be believed the price tag is to jump further still.

Gruber has a pretty good track record when it comes to Apple predictions.

He previously tipped Apple to release the Gold Apple Watch Edition, when other analysts at the time claimed that particular version of the watch was unlikely to be released.

He went onto say that the price of the iPhone 8 will be the result of supply chain constraints and high demand.

The supply constraints are reportedly due to Apple using new OLED displays and technical issues regarding the new fingerprint reader, which last week was reportedly dropped from the new handset altogether.

Gruber reckons the iPhone 8 will start at between $1,199 and $1,249 with 64GB storage, while a 256GB version will cost between $1,299 and $1,399.

Meanwhile Gruber also said that the wireless charging feature tipped to be included on the iPhone 8 will be sold separately and will not be ready until the release of iOS 11.1.

In April, Apple filed a patent for a wireless charging station that would ‘beam’ energy over frequencies used by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Another report from earlier this week claimed the iPhone 8 will be available with a ‘mirror-like’ finish.


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