iPhone 8 to include GROUNDBREAKING camera that will shoot 3D images


There are some exciting reports coming out of Korea that the next-generation iPhone 8 may come with a 3D dual lens camera system.

According to sources, the camera for the new device will be supplied by Innotek, which is part of LG and which was involved in the innovative LG G5 smartphone released earlier this year.

The report suggests that Apple are looking at ways to combine the technology found in Innoktek’s dual-lens camera modules with its own 3D imaging technology.

Last year Apple purchased the Israeli start-up LinX, a company that specialises in 3D image mapping. It has been suggested that this technology powers the Portrait Mode on the high-end iPhone 7 Plus.

It is not year clear how the iPhone 8’s 3D images will look, but will likely display levels of depth of field and overall image quality never before seen on a smartphone.

LG Innotek already supply the dual lens units for the iPhone 7 Plus, which suggests that there could be further deals between the two companies ahead for the new iPhone 8 when it is launched next year.


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