iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7


The new iPhone 8 will be on sale in Thailand from November 3rd.

Here is a run down on how the new handset compares to its predecessor, the iPhone 7 so you can decide for yourself if it is worth upgrading.


iPhone 8: 138.4×67.3×7.3mm, 148g

iPhone 7: 138x67x7.1mm, 138g

In the modern era we tend to expect things to get smaller and lighter but that is not the case with the iPhone 8 that weighs 10g more than its predecessor. This does actually make the device feel sturdier and will allow wireless charging.

It also has a glass rear, that whilst aesthetically pleasing, is quite slippy.


iPhone 8: 4.7in Retina (750×1334, 326ppi) LED-backlit IPS LCD display

iPhone 7: 4.7in Retina (750×1334, 326ppi) LED-backlit IPS LCD display

The only difference with the display is that the iPhone X uses Apple’s TrueTone technology, which colour balances against ambient light for greater accuracy as well as and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

Hardware & Storage

iPhone 8: A11 Bionic CPU, 2GB RAM, 64GB or 256GB storage

iPhone 7: 64-bit Apple Fusion A10, 2GB 64GB, 128GB or 256GB storage

The new A11 Bionic CPU is said to be around 25% faster than the older model so this is a significant difference.

When it comes to RAM, both models are the same but for internal storage, the iPhone 7 has a 128GB version in addition to the 64GB and 256GB version available for the iPhone 8.


iPhone 8: iOS 11

iPhone 7: iOS 11 (upgradable)

Both versions will run the same software.


iPhone 8: Single 12MP rear-facing (f/1.8, 28mm), 7MP front facing

iPhone 7: Single 12MP rear-facing (f/1.8, 28mm), 7MP front-facing

There is very little difference between the cameras although Apple claim that new software has meant the iPhone 8 now has better pixel processing, faster autofocus and hardware noise reduction.


iPhone 8: 19 hours quoted talk time, fast charging, wireless charging

iPhone 7: 19 hours quoted talk time

This is perhaps the most disappointing fact about the new iPhone 8, the fact that there has been no improvement to battery life. The only changes are to its charging capabilities.


iPhone 8: From Bt28,500

iPhone 7: From Bt22,500

This is the big question, is the new device really worth an extra THB6,000? Only you can answer this but our verdict is probably not!


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