This is what the iPhone 8 will look like, claims latest leak


An image of a protective case that MIGHT be released with the Apple iPhone 8 has been revealed. It is thought that these images give more clues about the appearance of the new device.

The case has an opening for a vertical lens camera – confirming previous rumours, along with spaces for volume controls – including mute and a standby button.

The images were released by Slashleaks but do not give any indication of dimensions or details of an official launch date.

However, not everyone is convinced by the images with some suggesting previous images are more reliable.

“The screen is likely wrong considering that Apple isn’t expected to stretch the display over the edges like Samsung does”, said

“Moreover, the top and bottom bezels are bigger than expected, at least considering the many alleged sketches we’ve seen so far.”

“But what really matters here is the actual design of the case”, the website said.

iPHone 8

Image: Slashleaks

As we know, there have been lots of leaks about the devices including last week’s news that three workers from Chinese manufacturing firm Foxconn said the new device would use facial detection and a retina scanner on the front facing cameras and suggested the tenth anniversary gadget would be called ‘iPhone X’. 

Other leakers have suggested that there will be no rear fingerprint scanner. Other rumours suggest the device will have 3GB of RAM and made of composite glass.

Like the iPhone 7, it will be also ‘water resistant.’

The leak suggests it will continue with the Lightning connector and not move to a USB-C connection.

They also suggested the phone will have wireless charging. 

The only conclusions that we can confirm is that we will have to wait for the official release!


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