This secret iPhone keyboard hack is the most useful thing you will read about today


If you ever struggle to correct a mistake or typo when typing a message on an iPhone, you are going to absolutely love this really useful hack.

The little known hack lets you easily transform your iPhone keyboard into a giant mouse cursor, enabling you to easily navigate around a piece of text and giving you more precision when it comes to fixing typos.

The hidden feature is available on iPhone 6S and newer, which are the iPhones that have 3D Touch.

To use the feature simply press down when using the keyboard and wait for it to turn into a track pad.

You’ll then be able to slide your finger around the screen, easily moving the cursor and dropping in between words or back to the beginning of a sentence, just like on the trackpad on a MacBook.

The feature has actually been around since 2015 and was first available in iOS 9, so some users may already be well aware of its existence.

However, unless you were paying close attention, the feature may have passed you by until now.

There are a couple of other handy hidden iPhone features you may find useful.

Shake to undo

The first follows on nicely from the iPhone keyboard hack above.

There is a feature hidden in iPhone that lets you quickly undo a typo when composing a message.

Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Shake to Undo.

Use your iPhone as a spirit level

You probably have no idea your iPhone has a built in spirit level.

To access it, open up the Compass app and swipe left.

H/T: NZ Herald


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