iPhone increases lead as most popular phone in the US


It’s always interesting to look at the breakdown for the most popular phones all across the world. ComScore has just released its latest market statistics, and it seems that in the US at least, that Apple has further increased its lead as the top smartphone manufacturer.

iPhone most popular smartphone in the USA

The iPhone has managed to increase its market share by just 1 point from 41.6% in December 2014 to 42.6% in March 2015, according to comScore.

There was no change in the rankings however, with Samsung unsurprisingly in second place at 28.3%, a fall of 1.4%, followed by LG, Motorola and HTC.

Android was the most popular platform overall with 52.4% of the market against iOS’ 42.6%. Windows, Blackberry and Symbian failed to make any kind of impression with just 5% of the market between them.

iPhone Market Share ComScore Q1 2015

Top 15 smartphone apps

ComScore also reported on the top 15 smartphone apps. Considering iOS and Android app installations combined, Facebook was the most popular app overall, installed on 69.5% of smartphones. YouTube came in second place at 55.9%. Other very popular apps include Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Pandora, Gmail and Instagram.

Meanwhile, smartphone ownership in the USA increased by 3% to 187.5 million people (out of 318.9 million total population).

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SOURCE: comScore


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