iPhone users warned about new iCloud scam


iPhone users have been warned about a new iCloud scam after reports that large numbers of people in the UK, Australia and Singapore have fallen victim.

The latest scam is a classic phishing attempt where users receive a text message which claims to be sent from Apple.

The message tells the user that their iCloud ID has been deactivated and confirmation of personal details is required in order to reactivate the account. Some celebrities in the UK including comedian Jack Dee and former cricketer Matt Prior have been targeted.

Apple has previously said that it would never send out such a message to users. However, many users have seemingly fallen for the scam, despite a similar scam being uncovered a month ago.

This latest messaged reads “[Name] Your Apple ID is due to be expire today. Prevent this by confirming your Apple ID at [link]– Apple Inc.” The link then takes the victim to a fake website where they are asked to enter their username and password.

These latest scams are seen as more of a threat to the unwary as the use the user real name. Security expert Graham Cluley said in a blog post: “The scammers have chosen their words carefully – making the message appear urgent to encourage as many people as possible to click on the link without properly considering the potential pitfalls”

Apple warns users of the danger of phishers and hackers looking to gain personal information and said that all account-related activities generally take place in the relevant application and not through a web browser.


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