iBOOM: This secret setting will boost the volume on your iPhone


A new(ish) iPhone hack lit up social media this week after users discovered a way to boost the volume on their iPhone.

The little known hack unearths a secret setting that enables you to increase the volume of your iPhone beyond the maximum.

The hack requires you to alter the iPhone’s audio setting, which are hidden away in the ‘Music’ menu on iOS and listed under the ‘Late Night’ mode.

To enable the setting you will first need to make sure you are playing music from your iPhone then go to:

Settings > Music > scroll down to EQ > select Late Night

The EQ setting is turned off by default but once you turn it on, you can update a number of audio settings to suit your preferences.

The Late Night mode works by boosting the volume of quieter parts of a track, which help to make it not only sound louder but much clearer.

We compared the Late Night mode to Rock, Hip-Hop and Pop and it was noticeable louder than all of those.

With that being said, it’s more of a subtle improvement in sound rather than some kind of ear bending, face melting increase in volume.

It’s still a neat tip though and if you have an iPhone you should give it a try.

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