iPhone X teardown reveals what’s really inside Apple’s new smartphone


When you buy a new smartphone, probably not one of the first things you think of doing is taking it apart, espcially when it costs $999!

However, that is exactly what tech site iFixit did with the iPhone X.

When iFixit dismantled a new iPhone they found that Apple had managed to squeeze two batteries into the device in an ‘L’ shape.

On further inspection, they said: “The iPhone has come a long way in ten years—so long, in fact, that the design has cycled back a bit, and this iPhone looks more like the original than we’ve seen in a long time.”

They explained that the iPhone X is more similar to the first iPhone than they expected but the most notable difference was the two batteries.

When it comes the repairability, the iPhone X scored six out of ten.

The device’s display is said to be easy to replace but the glass back was said to be ‘glue-heavy’ that would result in other components needing to be removed such as the rear camera.

iFixit said; “Glass on front and back doubles the likelihood of drop damage—and if the back glass breaks, you’ll be removing every component and replacing the entire chassis.”

The display and battery can be replaced relatively easily – without removing the biometric Face ID hardware, and although it will still cost in the region of THB9,000, it isn’t as bad as it possibly could be.

However, repairs to other parts of the device certainly do not come cheap with ‘other repair’ fees approaching THB20,000.


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