iPod Touch may finally be updated on Monday


Many people have speculated about the iPod’s future recently. It’s the Apple device that really brought mainstream digital music to the masses, even though it wasn’t the first mp3 player on the market, and despite the fact that other companies’ offerings often had more features and more storage space.

The iPod lineup hasn’t received much love of late, what with declining sales (as smartphones have taken over the role of music player) and no real updates for a couple of years. But now it seems that Apple has finally decided to upgrade its iPod lineup (though the Classic hard-drive based model is no more, unfortunately).

iPod lineup refreshed on Monday

French site iGen says that the iPod lineup (iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle models) will be updated this Monday, July 14th. There appears to be little concrete information on the site though except for some internal model numbers, but based on those it’s easy to speculate that the Shuffle and Nano will see only colour changes that were recently spotted in iTunes 12.2, but the Touch might receive a more major update.

iGen says that the Nano model number will change from n31 to n31a, and the Shuffle from n12b to n12d, which suggest minor revisions. The iPod Touch however is said to move from model number n78 to n102, suggesting a bigger change a perhaps a move from Apple’s 3 year old A5 32-bit chip to a more recent 64-bit chip, possibly the A7 as used in the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 uses a custom A8 CPU.



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