Is Apple about to drop the home button on the iPhone 7?


The home button on an iPhone is probably one of the best known features of the phone but is Apple about to dump it on the new iPhone 7?

If the latest rumours are to be believed, the physical home button on the iPhone 7 may be on the way out and replaced with a touch sensitive button this will be a distinct change from the original that has been in place since its inception in 2007.

Designers are frantically speculating on what the new design could be with one artist, Marek Weidlich, creating a design that has no home button or any visible bezel.

Other designers have suggested that the phone will be made of “liquidmetal” which is tougher and more water resistant than aluminium which allows the phone to have a thickness of just 3mm.

Obviously this means that the traditional charging jack and headphone socket will become things of the past as well.

The reports also suggest that the iPhone 7 will be dust and waterproof as well as having a dual lens camera. All this is great news for Apple who is expected to announce a fall in iPhone sales for the first time ever.

The next major iPhone launch is planned for 2017 and is expected to be a completely redesigned version with an all glass enclosure and curved OLED display.


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