Is Apple about to end support for your MacBook?


Apple is about to make four of its Mac computers obsolete, according to a new report.

The computers were released between 2009 and 2011 and include a MacBook, MacBook Pro and some models of the Mac Mini.

Apple classifies products it released more than 5 years but less than 7 years ago as ‘vintage’.

Once declared vintage, Apple no longer offers hardware service for those products, except if they were bought in Turkey or in California in the US, with both locations being an exception to the rule.

Any products released more than 7 years ago are officially classed as obsolete and Apple no longer offers any kind of service or support for these products.

This means that obsolete products are no longer eligible for replacement parts or repairs from an Apple store or any of its authorised resellers.

According to the report on MacRumours, the following Macs will officially become vintage or obsolete from 2017.

– Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, released early 2011)

– Apple MacBook Pro (17-inch, released early 2011)

– Apple Mac mini (released early 2009)

– Apple MacBook (13-inch, release mid 2009)

Last month Apple released its all new MacBook Pro.


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