Is Facebook Messenger set to become the new way to pay?


You may soon be able to pay for things using the Facebook Messenger app.

According to a report the new mobile payment feature in Facebook Messenger will have the ability to authorise credit card transactions in retail stores.

Very few details are available at the present time with rumours appearing to be growing suggesting a link up with one of the already established payment systems such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

These suggestions may be wide of the mark however with Messenger typically in the past preferring to follow their own system and the lead the market from the front.

As well as the rumoured new payment option, another feature said to be coming to Facebook Messenger is a new “secret conversation” tool that will be available on iOS.

This may work using encryption or simply that the chats won’t save in your history after, for example a minute, in something similar to that already offered by Line.

At present all the changes are only being mentioned in the source code of Messenger on iOS so there are many people suggesting that these are just examples of Facebook testing the water with the projects being months away if indeed they are launched at all.

The only thing that does seem apparent is that Facebook are looking to ensure that the Messenger app stays at the forefront of people’s thoughts.



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