Is this the new iPhone 7?


New images leaked earlier this week are reported to show the first glimpse of the all new iPhone 7.

The images, which were posted on the Apple Insider website and on a Czech Apple blog claim to show a gold version of the new iPhone which is tipped to be released in September.

The leaked images which are said to have been taken in China show a slightly updated design with what is said to be a new laser autofocus alongside the camera.

Regarding the camera, in the leaked images, the camera appears to be more flush than it is on the current iPhone, which doesn’t seem like something Apple would do and makes one question the authenticity of the images.

Other images supposedly leaked in March and which also featured on Apple Insider claimed to show the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7

Most notable on these images were the lack of a home button and headphone jack, two features which have long been rumoured to be dropped by Apple on the iPhone 7.

It is claimed the Touch ID sensor and home button will be integrated into the display.

Both sets of images would suggest that the iPhone 7 will look a lot like the iPhone 6s, which is something that has been previously tipped by leading Apple analysts.

With that being said, it is hard to know the authenticity of both sets of images, which could just have easily been created using Photoshop.

Other rumours surrounding the iPhone 7 suggest it will have a 3,100 mAh battery, which is said to be 12.5 percent more powerful than that of the iPhone 6 Plus and that a 256GB version of the iPhone 7 will be available.

Reports have also suggested the iPhone 7 will offer improved water resistance, with some suggesting it will be completely waterproof much like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Cupertino based company is expected to announce the latest versions of the iPhone in September.

Apple’s latest release, the 4 inch iPhone SE is currently on sale in Thailand with prices starting at 16,800 Baht.



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  1. Yet another piece of overpriced ‘same old ..same old’s hype that a lot of of people think they need !?!? a company that set about avoiding tax in every country it operate in …