It may look the same, but the iPhone 7 is set to get a massive internal upgrade


There has been yet another leak that has come out relating to the new iPhone 7 and this time it suggests that Apple has responded to one of user’s biggest complaints.

According to Twitter user OnLeaks, the new device will come fully equipped with a bigger battery.

The source claimed that the new phone will have 1960mAh battery – a notable improvement on the 1715 that is found in the iPhone 6S – which was actually a lower capacity battery than on the previous year’s model.

It is hard at this stage to confirm whether then increased battery size will in turn lead to increased battery life or whether it will go on powering the more sophisticated components.

Estimates suggest that if the components are no more power hungry than in previous models, battery life will be extended by around one hour.

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The extra hour’s battery life would go some way to addressing users’ complaints about weaker battery life.

They went some way to trying to solve the problem by releasing the Smart Battery Case last year which brought battery life in the 6 and 6S models up to that of the larger plus range.

Apple is also trying to make the software more efficient so that it uses less battery life.

In the past, this has been the preferred way of trying to solve the problem rather than adding extra battery.

It is rumoured that the extra capacity will come about because of the space freed up by the removal of the headphone jack and mute switch – but this is still unconfirmed although there are a number of rumours suggesting this.

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