It might have a Touch Bar but there is something major missing from the new MacBook


The latest range of laptops from Apple are missing some of the iconic Mac touches.

Firstly, it no longer has the illuminated Apple logo on the rear of the case but perhaps more notably it has dropped the iconic start-up chime.

This will be a big disappointment to some users who had become used to the sound which originally signified the completion of POST checks, or the power-on self test.

Along with losing the chime, the new MacBook Pro will start up as soon as the case is opened, assuming that you have enough remaining battery so the power button is almost redundant when it comes to starting up the machine. This means that there is little distinction between starting the machine from sleep mode and starting it up fresh.

Also missing from the new range is the choice of ports previously included in the last generation of the MacBook, which have been dropped in favour of the new USB-C port.

The most notable feature of the new MacBook is the customisable Touch Bar which identifies which programs and controls the user uses the most.

The Touch Bar can adapt and change to accommodate the apps that you are using – making the device more interactive.

A perfect example would be when the Safari browser is launched, the Touch Bar would then display several helpful shortcuts that would assist the user load new tabs, search the page or even refresh the current page.

Both versions of the new MacBook Pro are considerably thinner than previous models as well as being a lot lighter.

However, they are of course more expensive with the entry level 13 inch MacBook Pro (which doesn’t include the Touch Bar) priced at 56,900 baht.

If you want one with a Touch Bar, prices start at 67,900 baht, while the top spec 15 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 512 GB storage costs 105,900 baht.


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