It turns out the iPhone is actually pretty terrible, according to a new study


The iPhone 6S might be the best selling smartphone around and offer a ton of computing power and superb features.

But when it comes to being able to make a simple telephone call, it performs worse than some of the cheapest models.

A new study carried out on behalf of telecom regulators in Scandinavia found that the iPhone 6, 6s and iPhone 5SE rated worse for call quality in a test of 26 smartphones.

And bizarrely, the signal is especially bad if you hold your phone in your left hand.

HTC Desire 626

HTC Desire 626

Each of the phones were tested in their ability to transmit the GSM 9000 signal, which is commonly used for voice calls.

Three much cheaper smartphones, the HTC Desire 626, Samsung S5 Mini and Samsung J1 rated best for signal quality when the devices were used in the right hand.

Smartphone call quality worst performing handsets

Left hand Right hand
Apple iPhone 6S plus Huawei P9
Apple iPhone 6S Microsoft Lumia 950
Apple iPhone 6 HTC 10
Apple iPhone SE Apple iPhone SE
LG G5 Apple iPhone 6S


Smartphone call quality best performing handsets

Left hand Right hand
DORO PhoneEasy 530X HTC Desire 626
Microsoft Lumia 640 Samsung Galaxy S5 mini
Microsoft Lumia 650 Samsung Galaxy J1
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Microsoft Lumia 640
Xiaomi Mi5 DORO PhoneEasy 530X

However, the iPhones still fared pretty badly when used with the right hand, with both the iPhone 6s and 5SE still ranked in the bottom five phones for signal strength.

“Apple has had problems and they continue to have them,” said, Professor Gert Frølund Pedersen, from Denmark’s Aalborg University, who was involved in the study.

“It also seems that the problems are greater in their newer phones, which is incredible.”


While the results are pretty damning, the study was only carried out on mobile networks in Scandinavia, so it is not known how signal reception may vary from region to region.

It is also worth noting that rather than testing this on people, the study used a dummy head and hands to replicate someone using a smartphone, so it may not accurately reflect how people actually hold their phone.

Apple is of course expected to unveil the iPhone 7 at around 1am Bangkok time on Thursday 8th September.


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