It’s not Google Chrome that is draining your battery – Google hits back Microsoft’s claims


Earlier this year Microsoft started a battery life war when it released a video claiming that Google’s web browser kills the battery life of your device.

Well, now Google has finally hit back.

In a new video, which marks the release of Chrome 53, Google proves how efficient its popular web browser is.

In a post on the official Chrome blog, Google says “over the last year Chrome has seen double-digit improvements in speed and battery life.

“These improvements help you get more done, faster, and we thought you’d like an update.”

In the video, Google carries out tests on two of Microsoft’s Surface Books, with one running Chrome 53 and the other using Chrome 46.

The test reveals that the Surface Book using Chrome 53 was able to run for a whopping 10 hours and 39 minutes, some 2 hours 12 minutes longer than Chrome 46.

The tests have been seen as Google hitting back at Microsoft, which earlier this year released a video of similar tests on its new Edge browser.

Unsurprisingly, the test revealed that Edge outperformed its rivals Firefox and Opera, and showed Google Chrome to be worst performing web browser when it came to battery efficiency.

Google Chrome 53 is set to the biggest update to the web browser yet. The new update will see Google kill off support for Flash in favour of HTML5, which will offer more security, stability and help to make pages load much faster.


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