Jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon to promote Thai tourism


Thailand’s sports and tourism ministry is consulting with the makers of the Pokémon Go application to introduce a large amount of Thai tourist sites into the game.

The gurus at the ministry think that by jumping on the Pokemon Go bandwagon they can get more people to visit various restaurants, shopping haunts and tourist spots, reports Thairath.

Pokemon Go will be available on all smart phones in Thailand come September.

Last month, the game was officially launched in Japan, while at the same time its creators announced a sponsorship agreement with fast food giant McDonald’s, which sees 400 of its restaurants feature in the game as designated ‘gyms’ – where players can visit to ‘battle’ one another on their smartphones.

The tie-up with McDonald’s is the first of what is expected to many similar agreements that provide an even greater boost to the game’s income streams.

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Last week, telecoms regulators in Thailand had said they had already started to prepare for the release of Pokemon Go in Thailand and were looking at ways to try and avoid a repeat of any of the controversial incidents and safety issues that have affected those playing the game in other countries.

“We will call a meeting with major mobile operators to seek ways to prevent those incidents from happening here, especially public safety risks,” said  Takorn Tantasith, NBTC secretary-general.

Mr Takorn assured fans that the NBTC had no plans to intervene in the release of the game in Thailand.



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