It has just got a little bit easier to get hold of Apple AirPods in Thailand


Good news for anyone looking to purchase a pair of Apple AirPods in Thailand.

According to Apple’s website, the shipping time for the AirPods to customers in Thailand is between 1-2 weeks.

This is big improvement from the 6 weeks it was taking Apple just a few weeks ago to ship the Bt 6,900 AirPods to its Thailand customers.

Last month Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke regarding the stock shortages that had meant the AirPods had been in short supply not only in Thailand but around the world following their launch in December 2016.

“We have increased production capacity for AirPods and are working very hard to get them to customers as quickly as we can, but we are still not able to meet the strong level of demand,” Mr Cook said.

AirPods for sale on Apple’s Thailand website

The AirPods are able to connect with your iPhone or iPad but can also intelligently connect with your MacBook or Apple Watch as you switch between devices.

The AirPods are powered by Siri who can be summoned by a simple double tap on the side of the earphone.

You can then use Siri to control music, volume or make a call.

A special accelerometer built into each AirPod detects when you are speaking and filters out background noise.

Last month, data released in the United States revealed how despite supply shortages and delays in shipping, Apple’s AirPods are already dominating the wireless in ear headphone market.

According to industry analyst Retail Tracking Service, AirPods account for 85 percent of the 900,000 in-ear wireless headphones sold in the U.S. this year.


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