Just take a photo of any maths equation and the Mathpix app will solve it for you


There’s a new app which can make you look like Archimedes even if you are terrible at maths.

Mathpix is the world’s first app which is capable of reading images of handwritten mathematical equations.

The creators of the app, which is available on iOS, says it will help to make maths easier, faster and more fun and is the “first app that can solve math by simply taking pictures of your handwriting”.

Mathpix doesn’t only solve equations for you it also shows you its working and supports fractions, logarithms, integrals, infinites series, roots and trigonometry. It will even give you step by instructions telling you how it solved each problem.

The app was developed Nico Jimenez, a PhD student at Stanford, along with Paul Farrell a Stanford graduate who are pitching the app as an educational tool.

No doubt coming to a high school classroom in Thailand in the not too distant future!

The demo below shows you how Mathpix works.

Mathpix Demo from August Trollbäck on Vimeo.


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