Have we just unearthed what might be the ultimate online shopping website experience in Thailand?


Thai visa prides itself on being the go to place for expats to get their daily news updates but also in discovering new initiatives within Thailand.

One such initiative is a fascinating online set up called ‘iTS COOLER‘.

Like the vast majority of newly launched sites, content is temporarily limited, though it continues to go from strength to strength every day: When I checked out the ITSCOOLER site while researching this article, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Yamaha, Sea Doo and Scomadi, were already on board. and even at this early stage the site strikes me as refreshingly different from many other Thai sites.

One major difference is that ITSCOOLER seeks to differentiate themselves from the crowd by reaching out to those looking to buy Thai and international brands in the mid to high-end product range — the main differentiator is that they also offer products from the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the US that aren’t currently available in country. That said, even if what you’re looking for isn’t on the site they will source it for you.

Remarkable though it might seem, ITSCOOLER’s market differentiation doesn’t stop there. As all us expats know to our cost, importing goods into Thailand can prove extraordinarily tiresome — not to mention costly — with the whole exercise often proving more trouble than it’s worth. The good news is that ITSCOOLER takes care of all customs formalities so you don’t have to.

The website price includes everything from the cost of direct delivery to your door to all duty and VAT and according to one of the company’s YouTube videos, your order will be delivered, gift wrapped, within five working days. No hassle. And no unexpected charges.

So far so good, but buyer beware. If you’re looking for discounted goods and bargains then this is not the site for you. ITSCOOLER’s aspirations are firmly set on the luxury end of the market. The website’s cheapest product for example, retails at THB2,000, while imported goods start at THB5,000 and climb to an unbelievable THB11.5 million … for a table! — handy if you want to arrange a finger buffet for 150 guests.

I understand that ITSCOOLER also offers a VIP delivery service. With this option your order is delivered by a man in a suit, wearing a bow tie and white gloves — great if you want to impress the missus! And who knows, in future, purchases might be delivered by a glamorous female model!

ITS COOLER’s current focus on attracting more mid to high end brands to the platform presents a great opportunity for expats working for large international companies trading in consumer products to get in touch with these guys to see how they can help you market your brand over here. And it’s just as much an opportunity for entrepreneurial expats who import or manufacture their own products in the mid to high end price bracket.

If you would like to know more about ITS COOLER, check out their YouTube channel. It clearly targets brands, but drop in and you’ll get an insight into what they are all about. Of course, you can always send them an email or give them a call.

Whether or not this site pushes the right buttons for you, one thing is for sure: ITS COOLER brings something refreshingly different to Thailand’s online space. That’s why Thai Visa intends to keep an eye on this company as it continues to grow. And who knows — when I have accumulated enough pocket change, I may buy something from the UK. Though it’s unlikely to be a table at eleven and a half million THB. Unless my boss wants to pay a handsome year end bonus!


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