Kaspersky report nearly 62,000 cyber attacks in Thailand in second quarter of 2017


Security experts Kaspersky Lab reported that computers and other devices using their products in Thailand experienced 61,978 cyber attacks from April to June inclusive.

This represented 8.94% of their clients in the country.

This placed Thailand at the 72nd position in terms of percentage of users affected in a given country.

The worst affected in the world were Belarus with 16.65% followed by Algeria, Albania, India and Ukraine in the top five.

Last week, Richard Clarke CEO of Good Harbour LLC, a cyber-security specialist, warned that Thailand faces increasing cyber security threats as the digitalisation of the country’s society and economy continues at pace.

Clarke, a former chief adviser to four United States presidents, spoke with Suthichai Yoon of Nation Multimedia Group, and urged Thailand to quickly develop the best practices on cyber security and related audits covering both the public and private sectors’ digital networks.

He also also said Thailand has to increase its spending on computer security.

According to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), the digitalisation of the Thai economy and society has gained a strong momentum over the past few years, with a nationwide popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Line whose number of Thai users have risen to 44 million and 33 million, respectively.

As a result, both the public and private sectors in Thailand must work together to boost cyber security, Clarke said.

Last month, Kaspersky announced the launch of a free version of its anti virus software, called Kaspersky Free.

The free antivirus software is already available in the United States and will be officially launched in Thailand on the 23 November.


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