Khon Kaen gets Uber ride-sharing service


Uber Thailand has launched its uberX and uberFLASH services in Khon Kaen, offering visitors and locals the convenience of ridesharing services for the internationally controversial social-sharing business at the tap of a button.

Siripa Jungsawat, general manager of Uber Thailand, said Khon Kaen is one of the northeastern region’s most important economic cities as it serves as a centre for business, education and government while also attracting a large number of tourists with its cultural and historical significance.

Uber Khon Kaen

For those wishing to visit the urban centre, Uber will be another great option for fast, safe and convenient travel at an economic price, she said. Improved transport has spin-off benefits for the city’s economic growth and livelihoods of residents. Said Siripa.

The improved transport is sure to further support the city’s economic growth and the livelihoods of all its residents, she said.

Both uberX and uberFLASH will operate in the area marked below

– To Mooban Samjan in the North

– To Khon Kaen border in the East

– To Tambon Non Somboon in the South

– To Tambon Ban Toum in the West U

Uber Rates in Khon Kaen starting fare Bt20.


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